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Security Systems – Alai

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UK Infotech Home Automation Systems can control all aspects of your smart home including: Lighting and Dimming, HVAC, Home Automation Controllers, Building Management Systems (BMS), Whole House Audio – Media Streaming and Distribution, Motorized Shades, Security and Safety, Switches, Panels and Touch Screens, Stage Lighting and Show Control.

In particular our systems have the following benefits:

1- Saving Money

By using our controllers there will be considerably less wiring, less conduits and less manpower to required to install.


2 – Function and Feature Unlimited Expansion Ability

The system can bridge many networks together and each network can have up to 65,000 addressable devices on the same wire.


3 – Product Versatility

Plug and Play integration ability. A complete range of solutions with full integration into a common system, from security, lighting and audio, all the way through to motorised curtains, gates and blinds.


4 – Environmental Benefits

With almost zero power draw our devices are green. In addition, each device has the ability to detect if users are present in each room, and if not, turn devices off. With simple power throttling our systems are without any doubt green and have the potential to drastically reduce your power bills.


5 – Return on Investment

With the benefits listed above, from cheaper install and  lower energy bills your return on investment can be realised in a very short period of time.