Infrastructure – Rajesh

+971 50 8847221

Hardware / Software / Web – Shahul

+971 50 7091899

Security Systems – Alai

+971 50 6774786


Servers and Cabinates Consolidation and Installation, Operating System Configuration and Installation, Desktop and Laptop Configuration, Computer Peripherals Supply , Swithces and Routers Configurations, VPN and Firewall Setup Dubai, UAE.

S.No. Description Brands Activities
1 Servers HP and DELL Supply, Installation, configuration, Virtualisation, Server Consolidation
2 OS Linux Supply, Installation and configuration (The OS is Free of cost)
3 OS Windows Supply, Installation and Configuration
4 Desktops / Laptops HP, DELL, Accer Supply, Installation and configuration
5 Peripherals HP, Epson (Printers, Scanners, Combo Devices) Supply, Installation and configuraiton
6 Switches, Routers HP, CISCO Supply, Installation and configuration
7 Firewall CISCO, Fortnet Supply, installation and configuration
8 VPN Fortnet Complete setup
9 Cabinets (as per required size) I-Net, Totel Supply and setup
10 Mailing Solutions MS-Exchange Total setup and also we provide hosted exchange on per user basis

Other Services

S.No. Description Category / Brands Activities
1 Consultancy (Security) Backup Policy , Data Protection Ascertaining right backup methodology and solution based on business scenario
2 Consultancy (Data Security) Active Directory, Public Key Encryption, Firewalls Data Leak Prevention