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In today's rapidly changing global market, information technology (IT) infrastructure is more important than ever to any enterprise. Newly emerging enterprise Ethernet infrastructures enable leading-edge productivity solutions like e-diagnostics and wireless networking.

The ability to leverage IT infrastructure-based solutions like these is crucial to success in today's market, allowing enterprises and manufacturers to increase productivity, lower costs and adapt quickly to evolving market conditions worldwide.

Without information systems designed to move data where they're needed and when they're needed, organisations cannot form a clear, enterprise-wide picture of their challenges and opportunities. In other words, they cannot turn data into knowledge if the data aren't where they're supposed to be–and in a format that has meaning. IT Infrastructure is the backbone which lays the path for the data to flow seamlessly within the organization and other external sources. An integrated approach to governance, risk, and compliance will not work without a proper IT infrastructure to support.

Over the years UK Infotech has developed as a total and complete information technology company and have carried out successfully numerous high value IT Infrastructure projects for our esteemed customers. We have developed the expertise in Designing & Planning, Building & Integrating, Deploying & Supporting, Operating & Managing IT Infrastructure as per global Standards and to the exact requirements of our customers.


We specialize in the following Infrastructure solutions


Brands Categories Warranty

  • Opterna (UK)
  • Excel (UK),
  • I-Net (Belgium)
  • AMP-Netconnect & 3M (USA),
  • NORDX & Belden (Canada),
  • Clipsal (Australia)
  • Cablesmaster (Korea

  • Copper – Cat 5E, Cat6 , Cat 6A and Cat7
  • Fibre Optic
  • Voice Cabling & Connectivity

A 5 year product warranty is standard on all installations.

For a cabling infrastructure of over 100 points a warranty of 10 years is provided for all brands

For a cabling infrastructure of over 500 points a warranty of 25 years is provided.

The Category 5e warranty covers support of Gigabit Ethernet.


  • Bandwidth Warranty

Issued to ISO and EAI / TIA Standards



Our Structured Cabling Solutions are an end-to-end, integrated portfolio of high-performance copper and fiber cable connectivity and cable management for applications from the data center to the desktop.


We offer a range of IP Physical Security products specifically designed to integrate with our structured cabling ranges. Utilising an existing IP infrastructure, you can monitor and store high-quality surveillance images and video from your desktop. IP security cameras typically offer far better quality images traditional coaxial (analog) cameras offer, and coupled with PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology are often easier to install and maintain.

Brands Supported: Mobitex(UK),  Prostar (Korea ) and  EverFocus ( USA )


Whatever business you are in, talking to the customers is of paramount importance. The telephone is often the first point of contact with your business. We implement and support a range of PABX systems customized to meet your specific requirements. Our PABX solutions provide your enterprise, a flexible, powerful and advanced internal communication system with a variety of features. Connections to the outside world are through using conventional analogue lines or the more advanced ISDN or digital lines.


Brands Supported:  Avaya (VOIP), SNOM & Panasonic

We can also provide solutions on the following

Brands Categories Solution .S.No
Bioscrypt, Virdi Finger Print, Access Cards Time and Atttendance 1
Zebra, Posiflex Readers, Scanners, Cash Drawers Point of Sales 2
LynkSys, Meru, CISCO   Wireless 3

For any further details you may need about our Infrastructure solutions please do contact us