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UK Infotech Solution is an industry leader in supplying server racks, server cabinets, wallmount racks, network racks, LAN racks, portable rackmount cases and accessory products for the IT/Network professional. We deliver rackmount storage solutions for 19", 23", 24" and 28" wide equipment. We pride ourselves in providing quality customer service


Meets ANSI/EIARS-310-D?DIN41491?PART1?IEC297-2?DIN41494?PART7?GB/T3047.

2-92 requirements Conforms to 19" International Standard, the Metric System and ETSI Standard.


Dismoutable Design, easy for shipping parts or finished products

Solid construction. Maximum supporting capacity: 500KG and 800KG

High-quality cold rolled SPCC steel. Phosphorized before plastic spraying.

Overall Color: Computer Grey or Black

Multiple closable cable entries. Adjustable cable entry hole at the bottom Ventilating and refrigerating function.

All round accessibility

Blocking bond design for strengthened glass in front door

Installing Castor and Leveling Feet, or optional Pallet

Optional Accessories

Dustproof and filtering fan fly wheel (optional)


All made of high-quality cold rolled SPCC steel

Thickness: Panel mounts 2.0mm, Others 1.2mm

Surface Treatment: Degreasing, Rustproof Phosphorization, Plastic Spraying.


Compartible with HP/Compaq/Dell/IBM/Legend(etc) server, 19" standard equipments, metric standard and ETIS standard equipments. For LAN Construction, Modems, Industry-controlling devices, Stage Lighting Control, Monitor Equipments, etc.

Our Communication & Security Solutions
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